Monday, August 4, 2014

A few of my favorite things . . . .

I get the same question almost every Saturday when BakeHouse is at the market, "which bread is your favorite?"

It's one of the questions that I sometimes find hard to give a straight answer to. So basically I share that it depends on the rest of the meal. I know, it's a rather vague answer, but it does allow me to ask a question back, "what are you thinking of serving with your bread?".

We sure love to talk about what we like to eat don't we! I enjoy how excited our customers get when they plan a meal around one of our loaves of bread. When they arrive at the market to make their purchase, we get to hear all about it. And this time of year, they usually have their tote bags and arms filled with amazing fresh produce to go along with their menu!

Today was my day off and I had fun making my favorite bread, Vollkornbrot. We don't currently make this bread to sell at the market, so it's a real treat. This bread is 100% Sourdough Rye. It's very dense, dark and extremely aromatic. And now that it's baked, I have to wait two more days before I can slice into it! It's pure torture, but worth the wait. After it cools I'll wrap it in a linen and put it aside to let it continue to mature and develop layers of flavor, almost like a fine wine.

I'm going to roast a small pork loin, purchase some Havarti and German Mustard, and on Thursday I'm going to make my sandwich, close my eyes and take that first bite and find myself transported to Nienburg Germany in March 2015 . . . ohhhh yum. Opps! Wait, what did I just say?

Vollkronbrot is 100% Rye. Rye sour; Rye Chops & Rye Meal.
Sunflower Seeds are traditionally added.

The dough is very dense and sticky!

It proofs up in the pan for about an hour before it goes into the oven.

Total bake time, one hour and fifteen minutes.
I'll revisit this post on Thursday when I'm making my sandwich . . . maybe post a picture of my sandwich . . . . that's sorta cruel isn't it?

What is the deal with this blog . . . these photos, they keep popping up?

All I can say is stay tuned my friends, stay tuned :) Thoughtfully ~ Kath


  1. Bread looks amazing!!! And you spent your day off baking bread.. LOL Now that is a passion!

  2. Just like you my dear friend, as you stitch away every time you have a minute or two to spare:) xo