Friday, October 9, 2009

The last bake . . .

The day of my last bake on Saturday, September 26th has come and gone. There has been so much happening as we prepare to move to New Mexico that I've not had much time to reflect. As I share with you this morning my mind is scattered as we continue to sell items from our home and pack up for the moving company which arrives next Wednesday, 10/14! My last morning baking bread.

My best friend who knows me to the core :)

I was grateful that my last bake was on a weekend and I was able to have my husband Tom with me. Since he actually built our Alan Scott Oven, it seemed appropriate that we share the last day together. I also needed his support or I would have cried my way through the whole morning. With Tom by my side, we talked, laughed and cried together about our life with the bread.

The very last load goes in the oven.

With the tears comes letting go and looking forward. We talked about our plans to rebuild the BakeHouse in Las Cruces, NM. It will take time . . . but we are excited about the possibilities there. And I've discovered something about myself as a baker - I am completely dedicated to this method of baking and have a passion for the whole process from preparing the dough to firing the oven. I couldn't imagine creating and baking bread any other way. I look forward to what the bread will teach me in New Mexico and I look forward to what Tom and I will discover together as we enter in to this new chapter of our lives.

Thanks for coming along ~ thoughtfully