Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trying something new . . .

BakeHouse Golden Corn with Hatch Green Chili!
Along with planning the BakeHouse in Las Cruces comes a time to test out new bread formulas. When living in Las Cruces, there is no choice in the matter, you MUST fall in love with the famous Green Chili from Hatch, NM and the Mesilla Valley. They've made there way to the Food Channel and a variety of special shows that showcase this regions most famous celebrity. It's going to take a couple of bakes to work out any kinks in the formula. I'll keep you posted on how it develops.

Three very sour & sleepy starters

This time of being a "home baker" has been a great journey of discovery. One of the things that I've enjoyed is getting to really "know" my three starters.
When I get ready to bake - I take them out of dormancy about a week before I actually need them. They are a bit sleepy and very sour, but they faithfully come back to life within two feedings and by the weeks end, they are bubbling and ready to go.
The main observation I've learned from my starters is that they prefer the 12 hour refreshments and only tolerate being forced in to dormancy. There seems to be an element of "stress" that the starters experience and it takes several refreshments for the stress to get worked out.

All this to say that the best part of baking bread is that the bread is always teaching the baker!

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